Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Wally nuts is a Chilean company founded in 2019 in the Araucanía Region, which dedicates itself in the production and commercialization of dried fruits and nuts of the highest quality and standard.

How Wally Nuts Started

I was born in Freire, a small town near Temuco in the Araucanía Region. It was also where I lived until I turned 18, always eating in a natural and healthy way. Since we lived on a farm, we were usually fed mainly with what mother nature provides us, nourishing ourselves with legumes and vegetables from our never-lacking fields, the fruits that hung from the trees, and the cereal-grains with which we made flour.

When I turned 18, I moved to Santiago to continue my studies in business administration. It was then when the benefits of eating 100% natural (which for me is something totally logical and normal) had a 180° turn. In the beginning, the days in the local market fair were sacred, but the fast-paced city life caught on me. Having it impossible to find a tomato that tastes like a real tomato! At the supermarket, you can always see products marketed as “100% natural”, however, the label says otherwise with how great it was manipulated.

Upon graduating from business school, I worked for a couple of years in Santiago, but something seemed to always be lacking - it was then I decided to move back to the South to put my feet on the ground. With a long family tradition dedicated to agriculture and with my dad-business partner-mentor who was dedicated to cultivating walnuts, we decided to maximize the enormous benefits provided by dried fruits. Supplying a complete, rich, and healthy diet in a fully flexible way to add/mix into your meals (even though there is nothing better than spooning out these pastes).

Our Products

Because we are what we eat and the body accompanies us throughout our lives, it is important to nourish and take care of it with a good diet. The quality of our products is based on naturally enhancing the vitamins and minerals of these superfoods, to obtain the energy required in today’s rhythm. This is why all our products are functional foods, high in prebiotics, free from additives and preservatives.

QUALITY is our motivation and NATURAL is our passion!