Peanut butter with protein

Peanut butter with protein

04 | 06 | 2021
Peanut butter with protein

If you want to consume more protein, add more fiber to your diet and satisfy your appetite, this Wally Nuts is for you.

Smooth, creamy, tasty, ideal for spreading or adding to your smoothie bowls.

What protein do we use?

LUPINO! a legume that is grown mostly in the Araucanía region (the same region as Wally Nuts). This legume was widely consumed in ancient times, but over the years it has been lost and is just now beginning to be used more.

Who can consume this protein?

Everyone! Lupin is a legume, gluten-free, and with low glycemic index, which makes it ideal for people with diabetes, people with celiac disease, children, pregnant women.